Consumer Confidence Reporting System site generates dynamic reports on detections and violations to assist community water systems in preparing their annual Consumer Confidence Reports on quality of drinking water. The source of the information is the Pennsylvania Drinking Water Information System (PADWIS) maintained by the Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Water Standards and Facility Regulation's PADWIS Section. Data for the next calendar year will be available on March 1st. The violation reports contain self-monitoring violations for contaminants useful in preparing the CCR. For onsite inspections and other violations, please visit eFACTS The eFACTS site ID is included in the reports you generate. You can find maximum contaminant levels (MCL) and other assistance on the Drinking Water Management Home Page site. The Consumer Confidence Report Page contains CCR templates and instructions, the CCR certification form and related links. Contact PADWIS Section for additional information.

The information is subject to change as DEP field staff research and respond to potential violations.

The Consumer Confidence Report Data page now contains several summary table reports which include:

  • Chemical Results
  • Lead/Copper 90th Percentile Results
  • Microbial Results (two tables)
  • Disinfectant Residuals (two tables)
  • Turbidity
  • Violations
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

These summary tables may help you determine the level detected (either highest or average) and the range of detections. If you need to view individual sample results, you may access these results from the Drinking Water Reporting System(DWRS).

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