Welcome to the Drinking Water Reporting System (DWRS). The DWRS allows public access to public drinking water systems' sample history, inventory information and recent violation history. Based on selection criteria provided by the user, information will be displayed for a single water system or multiple systems. For instructions on how to use DWRS click here.

  • Monitoring Requirements are updated in February of each year to reflect changes caused by end of year monitoring compliance determination.

  • Disclaimer: This information is provided as an assistance tool, it may not dictate all monitoring requirements for all systems and DOES NOT supersede DEP regulatory requirements.

  • An information request for "Sample History" includes all sample results submitted to Pennsylvania's Safe Drinking Water program within the last five years.

  • An information request for "Summarized Sample Results" provides one or more of the following data sets:
    • Turbidity Summary Data
    • Total Coliform and Disinfectant Residual Summary Data
    • Lead and Copper 90th Percentile Value and Summary Data
    • Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Report
  • Information on "Detailed Sample Results" is available by selecting one of the contaminant groups (SOC, IOC, VOC, etc) and/or individual contaminants.

  • An information request for "Inventory Information" includes source, entry point, treatment plant and contact information as well as a system's monitoring requirements.

  • "Violation History" includes monitoring and reporting violations and resulting enforcement actions taken against a water system in the last five years.

* DO NOT USE THIS ADDRESS FOR SUBMITTING A FORMAL RIGHT TO KNOW LAW REQUEST. INQUIRIES SENT HERE WILL BE HANDLED INFORMALLY. If you are seeking DEP records, please begin your inquiry by clicking here to obtain a request form. You may submit a Right to Know Law request form by e-mail to EP-DEP-RTK@pa.gov

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